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The structure of a society is based on the principle of predictability of social and individual behavior patterns.  This determines how we act and react in our individual as well as social capacity.  This predictability of behavior is sought with a view to achieve certain objectives, and is mostly done by rewarding and promoting certain activities and behavior patterns on one end of the social spectrum, and discouraging and/or punishing another set of activities and behavior patterns on the other end.

Our nasal cavity’s mucous membrane continuously produces wet mucus to remove dust particles and pathogens from the air flowing through the cavity.  In most cases, the cilia lining the nasal cavity moves this mucus to the oral cavity where we inadvertently swallow it!  However, in most cases, the mucus stuck closer to the nostril opening cannot be thus removed, hence causing it to lose its moisture, become hard and cause a sense of irritation.  It is thus a natural reaction when we try to dislodge the offending object.

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