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This essay discusses behavioral competency.

Behavioral competencies are set of traits and behavioral qualities that are present in an individual. The behavioral review at our organization mainly comprises of some factors on the basis of which the appraisal is conducted. Those behavioral competencies are given below.

i.            Contribution towards teamwork

ii.           Professional relationship

iii.          Communication

iv.          Flexibility and adaptability

v.           Problem solving & decision making

vi.          Responsibility and accountability

vii.         Customer focus

  1. Planning & organizing

i.            Contribution towards teamwork:  This area focuses on the overall contribution of the individuals’ capability to work within a team. These elements basically give an idea of the employee’s overall credibility within the team, the level of interest that they are showing towards working in a team. The level of input that the individual is willingness to put up, means how much they re open towards the team and their desire to maintain a healthy environment within the team to achieve organizational goals.


ii.            Professional relationship: This deals with the overall attitude of the person, the way they are dealing with other colleagues. Their ability to maintain a network in the organization that would be helpful in the productivity.


iii.              Communication: Employee’s ability to promote coordination and cooperation in the workplace. Openness towards giving suggestions and sharing of ideas. Selecting the right medium for communication at the right time e.g. face to face, email, telephone, fax etc.


iv.            Flexibility and adaptability: willingness to apply new approaches for the betterment of the organization.


v.            Problem solving & decision making: Employee’s ability of taking right decision on the right time, decisions based on experience, knowledge and when needed at intuition. Analyzing the situation properly and then acting accordingly.


vi.            Responsibility and accountability: Feeling the responsibility and showing commitment towards the organization. Fulfilling the duties and hold self responsible for results.


vii.            Customer focus: A more customer centered approach, where customer comes first. Asking the customer’s needs and properly addressing them.

  1. Planning & organizing: Properly planning the work, time management skills to make sure time is used effectively…..

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