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The participant in our study received chocolates from her parents for overeating when she was young.  Moreover, she has been exposed to not being overweight only for two or three years of her life, although we cannot assert that she was not overeating in that period of her life (when she was a teenager, as she claimed).  Operant behavior ought to involve a response that can be easily replicated (Killeen & Hall, 2001).

The child was given chocolates by her parents as a reward for overeating, repeatedly.  Presently, she is being financially supported by her parents and unemployed, while she spends a great deal of time watching television and eating without a routine.  She does not have much experience in not being obese.  Without being rewarded sufficiently for not overeating, the thirty year old participant in this study does not feel confident enough to lose weight although she would like to.

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