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Lincoln’s armies had let him down who were not very sensitive about the issue of emancipation proclamation. They were also not very loyal to Abraham Lincoln. Above all, in the case of Antietam McClellan ignored that almost every time and when Lincoln sent strict orders for the defense only then he started off with his army but he did not have much ample time on the other hand Confederacy had strategies and already they were working on them (p.14).

Battle of Antietam created a lot of resentment between the people and government, people and army, army and government, and within the army. A kind of distrust established between the army men and their chief McClellan. A great carnage took place after the battle of Antietam. In a small field the count of those Union soldiers would be probably 200 and it was a big place. The way these dead bodies were pictured in different newspapers was even more terrible (p.4 – p.7).

The sunken farm road had a horrible sight because this was the place where the bloodshed had occurred big time. Valley of Deaths should be the name given to the place that time.

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