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A veteran of the First World War, Nick Carraway moves in next to the house of the mysterious Gatsby. Gatsby, himself a war veteran, who is in love with a married socialite Daisy, who is Nick’s cousin.

Gatsby fell in love with Daisy some years before the action of the novel takes place but he was unable to marry her back then because of his poverty, He has now made a lot of money as a bootlegger during the prohibition. He keeps the source of his wealth a secret. However he hosts great parties which are attended by socialites and members of the Jewish Mafia as well. He holds the parties in the hope that Daisy would attend and he would get to see her again. In fact his whole quest for wealth is for Daisy’s sake.

Daisy’s husband is the muscular and rich Tom Buchanan; he is having an affair with a married woman of the lower classes. His affair is an open secret; he does not even make too much effort to hide it from Daisy’s cousin Nick.

Nick attends one of Gatsby’s parties and befriends him. Through Nick’s efforts Daisy and Gatsby’s love affair is reignited.

The climax of the novel occurs when Tom figures out that Gatsby is having an affair with his wife. While Gatsby, Nick and Daisy are together at a hotel with Tom, he confronts Gatsby and Daisy with his knowledge. Tom reveals to Daisy that Gatsby’s wealth comes from bootlegging. Daisy is greatly distressed with this revelation, she begs Tom to stop.

Tom allows Daisy to leave for home with Gatsby, he is sure that he has destroyed Daisy’s love for Gatsby. On the way home, Daisy insists on driving Gatsby’s car and over speeds as a way to soothe her nerves, on the way she accidentally hits and kills Myrtle, Tom’s mistress.

Witnesses record the description of Gatsby’s car and it is certain that the car would be traced back to him and he would be arrested. Myrtle’s husband, believing that Gatsby was his wife’s lover and that he was the driver of the car that killed her, tracks him down and shoots him dead and then shoots himself (Fitzgerald).

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