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Second is the barrier of experience and learning curve effects. In the highly technology oriented sector that is the air line industry, the degree of learning and experience counts for a great deal. It is a highly important barrier and a source for competitive advantage if the companies in question act fast and hire the best minds available and incur costs in time, money and effort to train these minds to provide higher productivity and efficiency in their operations.

Etihad Airways is doing just that as they have launched a training program for pilots, which takes place in Al Ain, a city in the United Arab Emirates. This program extends for over eighteen months and candidates who qualify after the program are offered jobs as pilots in the air line (Etihad Airways, 2006). Also, other such programs have been launched such as the UAE National Graduate Entry Management Program and the UAE National Engineering Program (Etihad Airways, 2006). Such initiatives by the players in the industry will increase the learning and experience curve barriers in the industry and force new entrants out of the market.

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