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These Confessions of faith become a rooting symbol, a description of the banner that defines the principles of their faith for a particular group, a uniting ground embodying all the necessary articles of faith. Therefore, it becomes a reference point for any individual who needs clarification, details or a simple insight towards the understanding of the Baptists. Furthermore, another important aspect of these Confessions is that often they have been a tool in the political and religious machinations in order to bring some matter to light, or guide the followers of the Christian faith towards an essential or important fact that may need to be cleared out, therefore acting as a means to an end.

‘A Short Confession of Faith in XX Articles’ by John Smyth in 1609 was the first and foremost written declaration of the groundings of the Baptist church’s existence. After that, Thomas Helwys led the church, where a distinction was then created between his church and that of Smyth’s, thus paving the way towards the establishment of the two different forms of thought. That is, the English Baptists and the General Baptists. Now, the difference between the two is in the form of their theological beliefs.

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