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The way it has been scripted it is easier to read and comprehend, with simple and straightforward facts that need no further explanation, making it an uncomplicated written document accessible to more. Furthermore, with the advancement in technology and ideas, it was essentially accepted that this Confession would have a larger audience, therefore allowing it to have more ready acceptance than the Short Confession or Brief Narrative of Faith 1691. The latter was drafted at a point in time where the majority of the population was Calvinistic and not at that stage of time where it would welcome the idea of unity between the two thoughts, and thus, although the idea was extremely progressive, the timing of its publication was what made it so unsuccessful as compared to the 1833 New Hampshire Baptist Confession.

Therefore, today the Baptist movement that has spread worldwide with over 35 million followers to its credit can still trace back its roots to the coming of the above mentioned confessions[1]. However, despite that fact, the theological foundations on which the Baptist church was erected on has more or less lost the original beliefs that it had once previously embraced. Despite that, there are still a number of Baptist churches that still practice the original faith, most of it having its foundation in the 1833 New Hampshire confession.

[1] Free Sunday School Lessons, Introduction to the Baptist Distinctives,

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