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McGlothlin states that the Somerset Confession embodies the tone of not only the General Baptist thoughts, but also manages to clearly highlight some of its idea in a very Calvinistic manner, making it a unique combination of both the lines of thought[1]. This can been seen in the Chapter XXIII, where the emergence of the ideas is clearly stated:

Concerning the church of Christ, we believe, that the Lord Jesus Christ hath a church in the world, which we understand to be taken, 1.  More generally, for the whole number of the godly throughout all ages; 2.   More particularly, for a particular assembly of people, gathered out of the world by the ministry of the gospel, to the visible profession of faith in Christ, and obedience to his will, in all his holy institutions.  Such a people, so gathered into a particular congregation, continuing steadfastly in the doctrine of Christ, and his holy apostles, we understand to be a gospel church. (SCoBNoF XXIII.1)

The idea behind this as given towards the publication of this document was in order to help formulate one common ground so that the widespread notion regarding the difference between the two churches could be cleared up. So as to convince the public that there was no strife existent between them, and that they were not “a people degenerated from almost all other baptized congregations.”[2] This was a necessary action that had to be taken, since the differences were becoming too extensive to be allowed to continue and had to be curbed at some given point in time or another in order to mollify the followers that the Christian belief was still the strongest uniting force between all of them.

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