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In order to understand the nature of the various Confessions of Faith, it becomes imperative to understand the very character of Baptism. The Baptist faith has its roots firmly embedded in the doctrine that the Scripture is the one and only true word of God and it is their very strong commitment to this fact that makes them so very distinct from the rest.

Their primary belief in the Scripture is that since the Bible is a record of major historical events that paved the foundation towards the establishment of where the Christian religion stands in the modern day, it therefore becomes an integral component that also manages to convey Gods instructions to mankind. From the Genesis to the Psalms, the detailed and graphic imagery and description present helps one analyze the very core of the Christian religion, making it an easier and essential guide towards the understanding of the faith.

The history of the Baptist faith can be described by the various Confessions that have been adopted by them over the years, starting from the 1600’s. Since the Baptists are known to be against the ideology of following creeds, they however do not hold the same views about confessions. They regard it as statement of faith, which have been brought to existence by either the church or other associations with the help of influential individuals to convey their understanding of what a particular group of Baptist at that point in time held their faith in. therefore, it goes to show that the Baptists do not require any strongholds as far as their beliefs are concerned, for it is imperative that a follower of the Baptist line of argument has the freedom to not be under any force of authority regarding their faith.

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