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These online banking options  includes products and services that the firm offers e.g. Checking, Savings, Credit Cards, Mortgage, Refinance, Auto loans, investing services, Individual Retirement Account, Insurance, and other specialized features as well. Bank of America provides its customers with the management of their accounts too, this includes fees and processes such as student banking overdraft fee, monthly service fee, management of balances etc., upgrading or reordering of check cards, online investments, Online Banking options such as viewing accounts, accessing credit cards, Bill Pay, Tracking expenses and also the Mobile Banking features (Bank of America, 2008).

One of the most intuitive options for people is also provided in this website which is a helpdesk in which they help and guide people in achieving their goals like buying a home, searching for a home, retirement centre, planning for a college, student loan, purchasing a car, strengthening debts, small business online community and many other financial goals achievement help. One can also open an account online. This website also offers security and privacy validation checks. Searching locations of branches is made easy for the customers by providing numerous options in the website. Besides that the website contains signing in to other services too. The website is also providing its achievements list in different banking transactions and asking for guidance on many places (Bank of America, 2008).

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