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This essay is about the financial position of Hawaiian Airlines.

The financial position of Hawaiian Airlines can be improved by decreasing the costs of the services for the airlines. In this regard maintenance and operating costs per aircraft can be taken as a measure. The aim of the airline should be to reduce the cost at the rate of 6% each year. In this regard, initiatives that can be taken include standardization of the aircraft fleet as well as maintenance procedures, while aircraft modernization programs should also be undertaken to replace older technology with newer more efficient technology. Furthermore, long haul aircrafts such as Boeing 777 should also be acquired. This initiative would make the cost of travel through Hawaiian airline cheaper, hence helping it become the top destination carrier to serve Hawaii.

Considering customer, the financial position of the customer can also be improved by improving customer knowledge and interest in Hawaii as well as their satisfaction. In this regard, customer satisfaction rating and number of customers travelling to Hawaiian be used as measures. The company should aim for 98% customer satisfaction while the number of passengers coming into Hawaii should improve at the rate of 10% per year. Initiatives that can be taken in this regard include improvement of quality management within the organization as well as improving customer awareness through advertising and promotion through travel agencies. This initiative would encourage more travelers to select Hawaii as their tour destination, promoting Hawaii and facilitating the airlines in achieving its vision.

The financial condition of the company can also improve if the airlines staff as well as travel agencies staff with which the airline works is trained to promote Hawaii positively as much as possible. The company should aim to train its staff as well as employees of its partner travel agencies on how to promote Hawaii to prospective travelers looking for destination. This training should be conducted for 40% of the employees in the first year and the aim should be to complete the training of all employees within 3 years. This initiative is in line with the mission statement of Hawaiian Airline as it not only allows Hawaiian Airline to gain excellence and growth, but also promote the people and spirit of Hawaii.

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