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Looking at some other ways to access the memory in a fast manner providing the effective time besides pipelining, pre-fetching, enlarging the cache size which is just an illusion, etc. We have a backward jump technique to enhance the performance speed wise. This is applied by employing the backward jump on an instruction under the loop in calculating the outcome of some conditional statement. This becomes useful because if we would jump to the last iteration of the loop, the same would be the instruction where the condition of the loop fails to be met and hence it breaks (Gillard).

Another common approach is to have self-regulating spots in memory called banks where neighboring memory word get a place in different memory banks, so that numerous collections of data and address lines would connect to those banks. This type of system of memory is referred to as interleaved memories. Such system gives way to access neighboring memory locations or banks simultaneously, overlapping time to reduce overall execution time. With the order of two, this phenomenon of interleaved memory is adopted. This needs to have a bigger cache size to draw data from every bank (Gillard).

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