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The data from the file servers are stored in the backup servers of the organization and these backup servers are maintained in separate locations. These backup servers provide ultimate support to the organization in terms of data lost and maintaining data secrecy.

In the case of disasters a disaster recovery plan can be implemented to prevent the organization from data losses. Two (2) server solutions would be a viable approach in managing data and effectively securitizing the resources by maintain proper back up plan. An effective disaster recovery plan can be beneficial for the organization in both the short and the long term. It is quite possible that a storm might flood the entire data center and an earth quake might harm the data as well as the backups. To survive from these disastrous situations a proper strategy must be maintained by the organization in order to recover from IT-disabling disaster.

Placing one server in the company and another server at a secure location might be a viable option for the company. If one server breaks down than another server provides the backup support to the organization. Similarly, both the servers should send their data to online storage facility. However, there are security concerns with an online storage facility but an online service is a better option if it’s a secured source because disasters like floods, earth quakes etc can’t affect online sources. As extra backups are becoming an essential factor in the corporate sector, online backup services are increasing day by day. Internet that poses several threats to businesses is treated as a redeemer in the current era (Easttom, 2005). Even small businesses can’t suffer losses of financial statement, graphic design or even small illustrations they can’t bear data losses that’s why keeping the data safe in a viable online source is essential for their growth and progress. Thus, we can say that the core plan in terms of two servers is to place the same data on two servers in such a way that one server is located in the company and another is located in a separate area where data storage and secrecy is maintain. Furthermore, an online source is created and another backup is created on an online source. These sources are maintained just to facilitate the disaster recovery plan. If a disaster intervene the security then disaster recovery plan is there to analyze the risk, establish the budget and to create a suitable plan that would help the organization in situations of data losses.

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