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Etihad Airways commenced operations in July 2003 in Abu Dhabi, which is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. It is the National Airline of the UAE. Initially, the company possessed capital of about half a billion Dirham, which is the official currency of the UAE. The main objectives behind the launching of Etihad Airways are that an airline should exist that carries the flag of the UAE and also to show a good and hospitable nature to guests on the flight. The word “Etihad” means “United” and portrays the unity and brotherhood between all the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates (Etihad Airways, 2008).

The first flight to commemorate the launch of the airline was in early November 2003 to Al Ain, a city in Abu Dhabi. Later in the same month, the first commercial flight took place when an Etihad airline touched Beirut in Lebanon (Etihad Airways, 2008).

As Etihad proceeded forwards with time, it started to expand at very high proportions. Their different routes and destinations also increased, with around ten to twelve different routes being added every year. According to the official website, they have estimated that by the end of the decade, they will reach about 70 destinations, which means that they plan to maintain their ratio of about one route per month (Etihad Airways, 2008).

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