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Different acts were passed by the government because of this and in 1901 the new federal government of Australia passed an act that actually ended the employment of the Pacific Islanders. This act classified certain nationalities as prohibited immigrants and they were not allowed in the vicinity of Australia. In the similar manner the element of manual labor within Australia was prohibited and prostitutes, people with criminal records were prohibited to enter the vicinity of Australia. Similarly, certain other restrictions were included which includes a dictation test. This dictation test will judge the applicants and they have to pass a test in a language which is usually nominated by an immigration officer (Althaus, Bridgman and Davis 2006).

However, the aftermaths of this policy were wide and varied and it was expected that people would not like this policy because of the fact that severe measures are involved in this policy. However, people of Australia at that time accepted this policy and most of the people applauded this policy. Politicians and the general public believed that this policy can be considered as an important measure for the establishment of Australia. That is the reason why in the year 1919 the Prime Minister of Australia William Morris Hughes claimed and hailed that it is the greatest thing we have achieved.

The core objective of the white Australian policy is to make the Australian a white nation. The Migrants from different countries were not allowed to enter any state of Australia and they were actually dishonored in Australia. However, the policy was quite crystal clear and it does not actually say like ‘no Asians’ or ‘white should enter’ (Maddison and Denniss 2009). However, a separate dictation test was designed which was actually based on racism and hatred for other nations. A person who actually fails in the entry test was not to enter any part of Australia and they are labeled as non white by the Australians. However, there can be certain social and economic reasons for stopping the people of Asia and other countries to enter Australia. The attitude of Australians to immigration has changed in certain years and this change actually initiated because the overall economic and social position of the world was changing. The government of Australia at that time believed that the defense of Australia can become volatile just because of non-white people and these people can also affect the integrity of the nation. Therefore, a greater effort was required to actually stop other immigrants to Australia. People were actually coming from countries like Britain, Scandinavian countries, etc and the local Australians actually believed that there was no reason for these people to come to Australia. Therefore, analysts and strategists suggest that this policy was seriously affecting the immigrants that were entering in Australia and they cannot easily fit in Australia (White 2003).

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