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When there arises a situation where one part has not done their part, an assurance of voluntary compliance (AVC) is normally used. This is when either part writes and promises that they will adhere to the rules. This is in most cases used when the danger is not big.

In case of gross violation of the rules, it cannot apply. This is because failure to enforce it will lead to damages and death. When the employer or employee contravenes a certain code, a document called direction is issued to him. This is used to direct him to stop all that he/she has been doing that this not in order. This document is issued when it is ascertained during inspection that dangers actually exist. Another situation that can guarantee to be issued is when then first document, AVC is still pending. If the direction is not followed well, prosecution may be instituted against those who committed certain offenses. This will be used to punish those who are not willing to make work environment safer.

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