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One of the assumptions that will be made is that the enforcement and financial statement/restatement data used in the research will be of great relevance to the study to answer all the research questions and validate the conclusions.  Another assumption is that the data obtained during the research will be sufficient to determine the effectiveness of SOX. A third assumption is that due to the high reliability and validity issues in sampling, data collection, and data analysis, the analysis will provide enough and consistent response to point to a single result, and any diverging result will be of no importance as long as majority of the data points to one variable.

The research is also assumed to point out the present outcomes of SOX and suggest various method of modifying SOX.  Various viewpoints will also be employed to enhance the accuracy and relevancy of the collected data. A final assumption is that the data that will be collected during the research will be valid, respondents will be accurate when providing the data,  and the results that will be obtained will truly reflect the actual case.

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