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This essay assesses needs of ClubIT.

At present, ClubIT does not make much use of Information Technology, although its owners are very keen on enhancing their business with the use of technology. ClubIT does have its own website, however, it is only use to promote its menus and sell merchandise. All order taking and selling of tickets takes place either in person or over the telephone. The owners of the club also manage all information regarding sales, purchases and ordering without much support of IT.

The customers of ClubIT also include people who are fond of technology and some of them even posses PDAs and Laptops.  In order to fulfill the technological needs of ClubIT, a number of technologies and a variety of information systems can be used. In this regard, the owners of the club also plan to implement a wireless order taking system along with ordering kiosks to making the ordering efficient. In addition to this, several sub-systems can be purchased and installed as part of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software implementation, in order to automate ClubIT’s various processes. For example, an Inventory Management System can be purchases to manage records of sales, purchase and ordering. Furthermore, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can also be purchased in order to enhance the experience of customers through personalized serving. CRM would not only allow the staff to serve the customers according to their taste and requirements but would also contribute toward better targeting of offers and future services.

A Human Resource Management (HRM) system, on the other hand, would help in efficient management of the staff and their salaries (Lucey, 2004). In addition to this, ClubIT would also expand services on its website to enable B2B and B2C e-Commerce. This website would be used to promote and sell ClubIT merchandise, pre-ordering of menus, pre-booking of tables as well for discounted sales of tickets for the events happening at ClubIT. Executive Dashboard will be used by Lisa and Ruben, in order to give them executive level view of the current and past activities as well as to help them in predicting the direction of their business. The implementation of information systems will start with Inventory Management System, which would be followed by Customer Relationship Management system. This would be followed by the re-launch of the new ClubIT website which would be directly integrated with Inventory Management System and Customer Relationship Management system. Once these are completed, the implementation of Executive Dashboard will then commence, followed by Human Resource Management system.

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