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In most elementary schools children have the opportunity to be in sync with art: finger painting, sculpting or making postcards out of spaghetti. In most middle schools it is required for each student to enroll in an art related elective such as theatre arts, crafts, visual arts, band or the orchestra. In high school however, students are not required to enroll in an art related elective. Most students who were previously a part of an art related elective join extracurricular activities or get enrolled in selective classes. Only a few students get the opportunity to fully access the schools art related facilities starting freshmen year. Each subject starting freshmen year should have some aspect of art integrated into it so that students are familiarized or kept in touch with the wonders of art.

In a public school system, freshmen year is when different students from different middle schools pour. It is the first time a student will be in class with people he or she has not known since childhood. If you ask any teenager or any adult for that matter high school is a time where every one tries to fit in and find their place on the social ladder.

Cliques are the biggest disintegration phenomenon of high school. Cliques are either formed according to high school social status such as jocks, cheerleaders and geeks or they are based on the ethnicity of the group members such as Anglo- Saxon, African American, Asian, etc.

Social integration is a must and the arts “are languages that all people speak that cut across racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic barriers and enhance cultural appreciation and awareness.” (Dickinson) Henceforth, an annual freshmen icebreaking ceremony should take place. Most people hate to get out of their comfort zones and interact with new people and that is a barrier that needs to be broken. Each English class should have an introductory assignment to work together as a class and write a play based on their life. Each student should be encouraged to share a story that has affected them and morph that into a play for the entire school to see.

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