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Once they plays are written each class should rehearse and work together as a team to and partake in costume design, the musical aspect, the actors on stage, and other backstage requirements. Each student must be required to participate in way or the other and all the freshmen classes should then showcase their plays in the school auditorium to the entire high school as a fundraiser. Working together with classmates no matter who they are should start freshmen year and this activity will help everyone act as a team and not an elite or non elite member of a specific clique. This would also help raise enough money to sponsor any class trips or art experiments.

“The arts help all students succeed in school and life by providing students with the opportunity to develop habits of mind such as critical and creative thinking, perseverance and dedication to task.” (Why arts are important) Each class should incorporate some aspect of the arts to help the student learn better. Memorizing and reading out of a book can sometimes prove to be morose. In math class formulas shouldn’t just be memorized they should be sung. I still remember my algebra teacher and how she made us remember the quadratic formula. I can still recite it like a favorite Rumi poem today: x is equal to negative b, plus and minus the square root, b squared minus 4 a c, all over 2 a. Also math shouldn’t be just a numbers game; the history of math should be taught by teaching students about DaVinci’s Vitruvian man and the phenomenon of PHI and not just PI. English class shouldn’t focus on painting pictures with words and teaching students the importance of words and language. Students level of creative writing should be enhanced by partaking in different activities such as writing a story based on a painting. As a social studies activity students should paint the parking lot with the map of the world or visit an anthropology museum using the funds collected by the icebreaker play. Teachers should be constantly looking for different forms of art or enhance the learning experience.

Imagine life without music. Without pictures. Without movies. Without dance. Imagine a life without the arts. There was never a DaVinci, a Beethoven, a Rembrandt, a Rumi, an Omar Khayam or a Celine Dion. No one knew how to salsa, how to tango or how to tap dance. No one ever heard of Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet or Othello because there was no Shakespeare. That is what life would be without the arts – insipid and morbid. At each stage of life it is every human beings right to have the arts as a means to learning, self expression, and creative expansion and it should start as early as school.

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