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As long as a piece of art is able to reflect the artistic genius of its creator, it will be able to grasp the attention of its audience, communicating with them in their language, moving their spirits and engaging their imagination.  It is this innate and immutable quality that creates both great works of art and in the process, its creator, a great artist.

However, it is important to remember that in order to qualify as a work of art, the work being produced does not have to be created in isolation of the monetary realities of everyday life.  In fact, a lot of great works of art, such as the Sistine Chapel, were created with a specific view to obtain a monetary reward.  All art, hence, carries a monetary value.  What is important to remember is that in order to qualify as an artist, and in order for the work being created to qualify as a work of art, one must possess originality of style and virtuosity of composition.  Both the Sistine chapel and a modern 3D animation can be works of art, as long as they reflect the artist’s creative genius and are not just its byproduct.

Beauty is art’s quintessential feature.  In its non-utilitarian capacity, art does not feed the hungry nor does it clad the naked, but it satisfies the aesthetic needs of both the artist and the audience, in the process, creating something as timeless as Michelangelo’s David or Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile.  Its beauty can be both serene and repelling, calming and disturbing the spirit of those it comes in contact with.  It can either be a reflection of what we have always seen, or a refraction of the artist’s feelings.  However, in all its shapes and forms, art continues to ennoble us as creatures and creators.

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