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Plato’s pupil Aristotle, (384 BC -322 BC) is one of the central figures of Western philosophy.

Aristotle believed that the exercise of virtue and self-control were essential to happiness. However, contrary to the Stoics, he believed that living a virtuous life did not necessitate happiness (Ostwald).

Aristotle believed that an ideal government was one that provided for the happiness of its people (Rogers). Aristotle defines the concept of eudaemonia which is a general concept comprising wellbeing, prosperity or happiness as the highest good (Fan).

In Aristotle’s moral philosophy, actions that did not lead to eudaemonia are immoral actions. Through this we can ascertain that Aristotle would have found Dr. Frankenstein’s actions which lead to his own unhappiness, the unhappiness of everyone he loved and the unleashing of a tortured monster upon the world, to be immoral acts.

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