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There are different arguments that are in favor of physician assisted suicides. All these arguments are discussed below:

Respect for independence: Government grant different rights to different individuals that is the reason why personal rights should be given to individuals and they must have the right to chose death. The issues related to circumstance that are associated with death are personal that is the reason why they must possess the autonomy for their death.

Justice: In certain scenarios doctors recommend that a patient is not curable and that is the reason why terminally ill patients will be allowed to suicide with the assistance of their doctors. The only remedy for these patients is death because they cannot be cured. Therefore, since justice requires and it depicts that like cases should be treated alike that is the reason why assisted deaths should be allowed to these patients.

Compassion: An individual’s life is full of physical and psychological burden that is the reason physically assisted suicide should be allowed and legalized in order to stop the unbearable suffering of an individual.

Openness of discussion: There are different analysts that actually agree with the phenomenon that assisted suicide already occurs but it is not disclosed by the doctors. In many cases it was found out that the morphine drops that were used by the doctors can actually result in euthanasia or assisted death of an individual (Mitchell). The illegal attribute that is attached with physical assisted suicides stops the discussion on this issue. It is quite obvious that if this issue is openly discussed then it would definitely be legalized.

The interest of state vs. individual liberty: Personal assisted suicide should be allowed although everyone wants to live a happy life but if a person is terminally ill and there is no hope then he/she must have the right to get relief from this pain.

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