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Another argument given against immigrants is that the loss in social services for these immigrants since 1996 has been equated to nearly 400 billion dollars (Immigration Because of these statistics there are many people in the federal government who believe that illegal immigration is a financial black hole on our social security. Thus while hard working Americans would be paying their taxes these immigrants would be using reaping the benefits of them without ever paying for it.

The issuance of public services such as health care and education are the primary burdens on the economy due to these circumstances. However there is evidence that most illegal immigrants though having access to these services may not even take advantage of them. According to news report by msnbc there are a large number of illegal immigrants who may not take advantage of several benefit programs that do not exclude them simply because of the language barrier, lack of knowledge or fear of immigration laws.

In addition as the New York Times reported in 2005 there is evidence of immigrants providing subsidy in terms of taxes to the United States government to the tune of 7 billion dollars a year (Joel). In addition to this it can be logically deduced that the participation of illegal immigrants in the United States economy will have a positive effect simply to the supply and demand rule.

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