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Keeping pets is an activity most people enjoy. This not only gives a sense of love to the pet owner but also adds to the overall ambience of the home. However, keeping pets is not an easy task and pets like humans require a lot of love and care. Some of the common pets include dogs, cats and birds etc. Cat especially is a pet that’s very common to find and is a popular pet in all age groups but whether it is a good pet or not will be our topic of discussion.

Cats as compared to other pets particularly dogs are easily maintainable. Their small size and innocent nature makes it easy to take care of them while dogs on the other hand can get quite aggressive at times. This is why they need to be tied up time and again. No such effort is needed for cats. They are mild in their behaviors, create no issue and are independent and come to you yourself when they need attention and love.

Another quality of cats as pets is that they are generally very clean. They do not get sloppy at times like dogs who like to do a lot of licking.  Aggression is an attribute that can never be associated to cats and this is the sole reason of why they are considered a favorite pet among all age groups particularly in houses having infants.

Hence there is no doubt in the fact that cats can actually be excellent pets and their company is thoroughly enjoyable. You don’t need to run after them, you don’t need to tie them up and you never need to be bothered about their loudness. All they do is to give you a loving and a relaxing time with their presence.

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