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Religions are considered as one of the important element in everyone’s life because the basic belief and rituals are framed by the religion. Religions are of utmost importance because the thinking patterns of an individual and a society are framed by a religion. This paper analyzes the statement that are all religions same.

All the religions of the world are based on certain common beliefs like carrying for the humanity, human improvement, sharing for others, social upbringing, etc. However, if we assume that all the religions of the world are same then we can say that there would be no need for sectarian violence. People in the modern era and even in ancient times use to say that my religion is better than you which actually depicts a scenario that my way of life and my culture is better than yours. However, different strategists and analysts are considering the fact that people belong to different races, cultures and traditions are appropriately different from each other that is the reason why it cannot be said that these religions of the world are appropriately the same.

However, there are different philosophers that actually agree with the fact that all the religions of the world are same because all of them are worshiping the same God but their ideology towards God is different. The Bhagavad Gita which is considered as the religious scripture of Hindus states that “Howsoever men may approach me, even so do I accept them; for, on all sides, whatever path they may choose is mine”(Bhagavad Gita 4:11) (Das). Therefore, through different religious scriptures of the world one can say that all the religions are quite different from each other as far as the philosophies and beliefs are concerned.

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