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The contextual approach is an architectural approach that uses past or historical architectural design and plans to develop city plans. This style tries to adopt historical perspectives to fit the modern approach. An example of a city that is built following the contextual approach is New York City, where the buildings are designed to look like those of the 19thCentury. Contextual approach seeks past systems in order to satisfy today’s problems (Muschamp, p.1).

Koolhaas proposes a city planning that is open, one he calls “the open work”. This open work then leaves room for other architects and city planners to build on it. Such an approach should give a city vitality as it draws on the emerging needs and visions of the city dwellers. Koolhaas contextual system then requires that city planning be based on forces like the economy and global communication that have seen the decline in regionalization and the development of globalization (Muschamp, p.1).

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