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This essay applies some sociology theories on body image.

If the influences of advertising media on the body image were to be considered in light of the feminist theory, then (Rivers, 2008) elaboration of women in media stands out when he refers to women with regard to how the news media manipulates their anxieties. Women are placed in a constant state of perplexity in which they are convinced that they will not succeed in life unless they adhere to specific criteria in terms of their appearance and mannerism altogether.

Another sociology theory that can be observed to be at play here is the gender theory. The discussion supports the traditional interpretation of the gender theory in accordance to which the social acceptance of the roles of males and females in a society is determined as a result of the perceived attributes with regard to factors that are fundamentally physical (Welsh, 2001). It can be observed that the media does indeed put men and women in a position where they have to mould their appearances in accordance with a pre-established standard that is created with no consent of theirs.

The gender theory is strongly applied in advertising media where men and women who do not adhere to the expected dimensions in terms of their body are given very little or no room for progress or prominence. Therefore, the roles of men and women in modern day society as influenced by the media are not ones that compliment their nature, but are ones that have been taught to them through generated learning.

When considered in light of the Symbolic Interactionism theory, the central idea of the discussion is further asserted through the fact that man and women tend to make use of the standards and thresholds that they have been taught when carrying out self assessments (Andersen & Taylor, 2007). The media, being present in society and influencing society in every possible dimension, exposes them to an illusion based on unreal and impractical standards. Considering that this illusion is subjected to continuous reinforcement through repeated exposure, it comes as no surprise that the men and women alike generally begin to consider their bodies less than adequate.

The media therefore makes people feel increasingly self conscious. In order to satiate the feeling of being less than adequate, men and women begin to chase after products and services that promise them that satisfaction (Luciano, 2002). What is imperative to note here is that by doing so, the media generates the cause of the restlessness while promoting the solution to the same.

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