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Anterograde Amnesia is a physical ailment which depicts the loss of memory which occurs after the event which caused amnesia. This condition can also cause a deficit in attention and inaccurate perception of events. It can be induced in one of two ways.

The first which is mentioned above may be due to trauma. The second is drug induced. The method by which this physical change can occur in this condition is due to traumatic brain injury. In this the individual may have injury to certain parts of the brain such as the cerebral cortex, sub cortical projections, hippocampal formation or the diencephalons in the medial portions of the dorso medial and adjacent midline nuclei of the thalamus. However, there is a lack of a grading system for the categorization of this ailment leaving many doctors and health workers to figure out the extent of the amnesia for themselves (Cantu). 

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