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Meyer Briggs

My MBTI results reported me as an ISTJ type. The ‘I’ is for Introversion, “People who prefer introversion tend to focus their attention on the inner world of ideas and impressions.” The ‘S’ stands for Sensing, “People who prefer Sensing tend to take in information through the five senses.” The ‘T’ stands for Thinking, “People who prefer thinking tend to make decisions based primarily on logic and on objective analysis of cause and effect.” The ‘J’ stands for Judging, “People who prefer judging tend to like a planned and organized approach to life and prefer to have things settled.” (Hammer, 2008, p.2) The clarity of reported preferences revealed that I was the most clear about ‘introversion’ and scored a full thirty on the clarity scale. My second clearest preference was ‘judging’ and I scored a 27. I scored an 18 on ‘sensing; and a 4 on ‘thinking’.

According to Meyers there are 4 ways to differentiate people from each other. Sensing and Intuition come underneath how people perceive things. Instead of looking at a larger more creative picture I tend to be more realistic and use information in a more logical and an add/subtract kind of specific way. When I make judgments I base them on thinking instead of feeling. I am more logical and rational and less emotional. My energy orientation is strongly introverted and I that reflects on my thinking process and the social activities I partake in. I rely on thinking and sensing henceforth I my mental preference leans more towards judging. (Introduction to Meyers-Briggs)

Typically someone with ISTJ preferences would naturally employ processes that involve a good deal of independent, logical, and structured analysis – having things well worked out before presenting to others for their input or reaction. Yet in working or relating with certain other types of people, this natural style could spell problems. They may expect a more spontaneous, deal-with-it-right-now approach. (Reinhold, p. 2)

Being an introvert I think a lot before I speak and tend to logically analyze a situation before presenting it. I never before realized that this could create problems for me because I always thought taking a timely and well thought out approach to things was the best to accomplish any task. I realized that the career I choose should seek the qualities I have to offer and not expect someone spontaneous and a spur of the moment decision maker or thinker.

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