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In order to deal with these issues certain strategic HR models must be used by the organization which would incorporate different aspects of human resource policies that are implemented in an organizational structure (Mathis and Jackson, 2007). Similarly, it can be said that in the scenario of General Motors different models and strategic approaches can be used. However, one of the most appropriate models is listed below (Figure 1).

This model actually revolves around the scenario of three basic themes which are global competition, stakeholder’s needs and high performance work system. These three themes are quite prevalent in the scenario of General Motors and the issues of downsizing and technological advancement are incorporated in these issues. However, when an HR personal is implementing these scenarios then it should be kept in mind that employees are ready to accept these changes. Therefore, the elements of change management must be incorporated in an organization.

Furthermore, it can be said that in this scenario a novel and a modernized approach is needed which would not just focus on day to day operations but also incorporate certain strategic issues. In the similar manner a new model should be less reactive and more proactive (Mathis and Jackson, 2007). The element of bureaucracy must not be incorporated in this model. Finally, these models should create the champions in the employees and such an environment must be developed in which the growth of an individual becomes directly proportional to the growth of an organization.

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