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Thus, if the individual is the victim of disinformation or misinformation on the part of the media and the government is unwilling to regulate the dissemination of such information. Then it is the responsibility of the individuals themselves to find a way to differentiate the conveyance of misrepresentation and falsehood from the truth.

If the government of a country wishes to pursue this change within its population then I would recommend first creating awareness within various communities through the use of workshops and seminar that can not only introduce individuals to the concepts that are being taught but also allow organizers of any such movement to understand the difficulties that are associated with teaching individuals to analyze information from the media. Additionally, various surveys may also be done in order to judge how people perceive the programming and messages from various channels and media and to gauge the average media literacy within each age group. It should be noted that it is essential to conform the program around the limitations and strengths of various age groups in order for it to achieve maximum effectiveness within different communities.

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