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Windows XP is supposed to be one of the most widely used operating systems in today’s world. Reasons for this include the fact that it meets the requirements of many hardware suppliers and end user both domestic and professional business users. Windows XP was first released on October 25, 2001 (Indiana University). There has been an idea for every new version of Windows, and Windows XP that stands out in all the versions of Windows that have come so far. From stability and networking issues to the user interface, it has shown a great compatibility and strength. Although like all the other releases, it is not flawless but obviously it is overcoming many previous faults.

The new features it is offering are remote assistance that provides a chance to grant help to other users by having their desktop shared and remote desktop that provides access to the other computer to control. Windows XP also features a user-friendly option of driver signing, which comprises of built-in drivers for core-functional devices. It has also got its own firewall to fight against network threats. If we come to user interface enhancements Windows XP has an interactive look and a very sharp icons placement. This new interface code name is ‘Luna’ (Indiana University). For users who are habitual of using old interface, classic view is offered too that has a look of older versions.

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