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General Information


The name of the corporation is Western Digital


The corporate headquarters of Western Digital Corporation are located at 20511 Lake Forest Drive Lake Forest, California 92630.


The fiscal year end of the corporation is on a Friday nearest to June 30 of each year and consists of 52 weeks in total.


The primary products of the corporation are hard drives for use in desktop and notebook computers, enterprise and external storage, workstations, surveillance equipment and other industry related products.


The following table and chart provide high and low prices of Western Digital’s stock for each quarter for the past two years.

Year Quarter High Low
2007 First 20.11 15.9
Second 21.7 16.65
Third 21.38 16.65
Fourth 20.32 16.21
2008 First 26.16 18.34
Second 31.7 23.52
Third 34.8 21.91
Fourth 40 26.14


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