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Etihad Airways has a number of strengths at its disposal that can be used to overcome most of the internal weaknesses, and external threats and utilize potential opportunities that are currently present or may arise in the course of time. Some of their key strengths are:

  • · A very strong capital base. Etihad Airways has a significant amount of financial resources at its disposal which has been used effectively to generate growth in terms of size of fleet as well as markets. Recently, Etihad Airways used this advantage when they purchased 55 Air bus carriers in 2008 (Newser, 2008).
  • · The national air line. Etihad is the flag carrier for the United Arab Emirates and a source of pride for the people of the nation. Being the national air line, it is afforded with key benefits such as resources, networks, and a broad base of loyal customers. On top of it all, it gets protection from the government in the form of regulations as well and if times are bad and losses are reported, it is not as problematic an issue as it would have been for a non government backed air line.

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