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The Patriot is a produced by metropolis Entertainment production. The movie directed by Roland Emmerich. The screenplay is written by Oscar winner the Robert Rodat. Dean Devlin, Mark Gordon and Gary Levinson are the producers.

The photography of the film is three times Academy award winner Caleb Deschanel. More over the creative team of the movie includes many great names. The editor of the movie is Oscar award winner David Berner The location where the movie has been shot is South Carolina. The costumes designer whose role has been really important for the success of the movie claimed by the critics is Deborah Scott (Emmerich).

By the analysis of the movie, it has been clarified that there are countless other movies dealing with the history of the world which were successful to portray the history. This movie is one of those movies. This movie greatly and easily without complicated suspense and the catchy screenplay adds in the historical knowledge of the viewers. The movie completely injects the message to the viewers to serve the family and land bravely and passionately.

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