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This movie is quite interesting and it is based on the scenario of insanity which actually means mental illness. The entire film is based on criminal who decided to move towards a mental institution to avoid prison work. However, the doctors ordered McMurphy that he cannot leave the mental institution unless and until he is found fit for the society. McMurphy’s relationship with other patients in the ward grew rapidly and such an environment started to prevail in the institution that differences were created between the authorities and the patients. The main character of this story McMurphy in collaboration with the head nurse tries to understand the mentalities of other patients in the ward. However, the entire movie revolves around the scenario of insanity and how people view insanity in others perspectives.

The next chapter of the book revolves around the scenario of the term society and the society is presented in a beautiful manner when McMurphy is admitted in the hospital. The social influences of other people are depicted in this chapter. The interactions of patients in the institutions were limited and many patients have differences with each other. They follow their daily routines and these daily routines are characterized by a society which is known as the society of order and regulations (Kesey and Faggen). In the similar manner the culture of this society is same and it is known as insane. However, McMurphy plays a vital role in the society and he develops relationships with other individuals of this society and an atmosphere is developed in which interactions are quite easy with each other.

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