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The movie also projects the sense of political relevance with the current capitalist system. The globalization is so swift in the current capitalist system that no one realizes that what are we doing and what could be wrong in the social system and economical infrastructure. The race towards the consumption of technology and power practice would make us powerless and dependent. Humans are greatly dependent upon machines. Even the backup of humanity is in fact dependent upon the artificial intelligence.

The humanity itself does not know the obscure to rescue. The current international affairs are so crossed that everyone is fighting for the socially and economically divided regions. The agenda of politicians in employing the foreign policy is limited and towards power politics that would surely be acquired by another state. The power over these regions is being acquired by the technological possessions which could be used in turn against the powerful by powerless. The movie Matrix thus illustrates the downturn of our power measure by referring us to the ignorant world and Agent Smith as the power that we run behind and conduct power politics for (Grau).

Thus one can conclude that exhortation that the states undergo would result in conscience of losing power and existence as projected in the movie Matrix. Moreover the movie awakens the philosophical centre of the movie watchers with eminent plot, casting, visual effects etc. which had been receipted with awards.

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