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After the storm the situation of the organization was quite disturbing and all the flights of Jet Blue were cancelled and they were unable to reach the destination. Furthermore, the staff of Jet Blue did not manage the situation appropriately and customers were dissatisfied by this situation. The honeymoons, vacations and flights of different customers were cancelled and all the passengers of Jet Blue were facing a paradoxical situation of what should they do. The Valentine Day becomes miserable day for the organization because they experienced a severe service disruption in their seven-year history.

Jet Blue cancelled half of its flights and planes that were on the runway stopped because of snow and passengers were trapped for more than 10 hours in these planes. The passengers were highly dissatisfied by the managerial approach of Jet Blue in this scenario and the entire press was focusing in this airline. JetBlue itself was responsible for this problem and although different airlines suffered from this crisis but JetBlue’s urge to carry out their flights can be considered as the biggest mistake of this organization. The “wait and see” approach was applied to the weather by the operational managers of Jet Blue and they suffered both short and the long term losses in this regard. Jet Blue did not manage the crises well and all the managers were not sure what do to in this situation. Different news channels were claiming that it’s basically an operational death of an airline which was claiming earlier to provide high quality customer services. Because of this situation the brand image of JetBlue was tarnished and investors were reluctant to invest in this organization. The biggest mistake of JetBlue was of not canceling the flights in the stormy weather and because of this they have to return hefty amount of money to the customers because different flights were cancelled (Brennan & Morgan).

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