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Capital punishment is the legal procedure of death as a punishment. Sentencing the criminals to the capital punishment has been the procedure of the law for the justice that should be provided to the victims of these criminals. This punishment has been in the law since the mankind started to breathe. USA is one the countries which are outlined in the minority list where the capital punishment is used as the penalty.

This penalty is to some people is the right array to exterminate crime. On the other hand some people utter it’s against the American values and even criminals have its own rights which should be protected by the just people.

Death penalty has always been a controversial issue. In this paper we shall conduct an argumentative order of the topic whether death penalty should exist for certain crimes or not. We will discuss the reasons and logics in the details.

It’s better to have a brief account of countries which abolished or retained the capital punishment in or from the law. The Capital punishment is retained by many Middle Eastern and Asian countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Algeria, Central African Republic, Korea, Maldives and Sri Lanka etc. Countries which have abolished the use of the capital punishment as a penalty are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, European Union, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Columbia and many others. The world is divided into the two regions in regards of retention and abolition of the capital punishment. And in this way the supporters of the both side of the picture that describes the execution of the criminal are in a great argument for this (International).

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