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In order to diagnose this disorder a wide variety of amnesiac symptoms may be present with several wide variations. A history is usually taken in order to ascertain the onset of the amnesiac symptoms. The individual may also complain of other symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and no orientation in time and space. A physical examination is done where recent, short and long term memory is tested and neurological testing is also done along with tests to ascertain higher brain functions such as thought process and speech. Tests are then done preferably an MRI or a CT scan in order to diagnose any trauma to the brain along with an EEG to rule out epilepsy (mdguidelines).

In my opinion the disorder in the movie is portrayed in a highly accurate manner especially in the case of showing the tattoos and the Polaroid’s as a way for Leonard to remember and safeguard the details about his wife’s case. The main character uses several tools at his disposal in order to get accomplish his mission. He uses Mnemonics and tattoos them on his body in order to remember important places, times and events.

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