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Forward in 1987, Hippotherapy was studied by a group of American and Canadian Therapists in Germany which lead them to form a standardized curriculum in 1992. 1992 also marked the formation of the American Hippotherapy Association which eventually became the first section of the NARHA. They also became the regulating body and certification board giving the first Hippotherapy Clinical Specialists (HPCS) examination in 1999. It also offered education to therapists as well as promoting research in this field.

Today medical science recognizes Hippotherapy meaning physical therapy on horseback with the aid of the horse as a therapist in major countries around the world. Physicians, psychologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, recreation therapists, motivators, life coaches and teachers believe in riding for the disabled as a viable program. It has become a well known way to bring improvement into peoples’ lives especially those who wish to move beyond their disabilities (American Hippotherapy Association, 2007).

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