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America is a melting pot of people from every corner of the world. Critics argue that American culture borrows too much form the rest of the world like Hollywood. American culture is not derived from religion or old traditions that are hard to relate with. American culture is based on the spirit of the American people as a whole. Americans are a diverse group of people who might have ancestors in Africa or Australia but the common thread linking them is the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness that is their right as an American citizen.

The American dream is the hope that every one can reach the top through hard work and determination. American culture is derived from the concept of being apple to leap forward and achieve everything in life regardless of the family a person was born in. This sincerity is the uniting factor amongst the American people. American culture is not limited to the rituals of a particular religion or caste. American culture is the unification of people’s desires. Basketball hoops in backyards, Krispy Kreme, McDonalds, jazz and rap are things that were given birth in America. America is home to the biggest legacies in the world and American culture is a pathway to let the American people build these legacies. Barack Obama sums up what American culture is in a recent speech:

As I’ve traveled around Iowa and the rest of the country these last nine months, I haven’t been struck by our differences – I’ve been impressed by the values and hopes that we share. In big cities and small towns; among men and women; young and old; black, white, and brown – Americans share a faith in simple dreams. A job with wages that can support a family. Health care that we can count on and afford. A retirement that is dignified and secure. Education and opportunity for our kids. Common hopes. American dreams.”(CNN)

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