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AMD Athlon 64 microprocessors were 64-bit microprocessors. The architecture that Athlon 64 followed was known as K8. This was the range of desktop computer’s Central Processing Units by AMD. They had a single core and comprised of K8 micro-architectural features. These processors have level 1 cache with 128 Kilobytes, level 2 cache with 512 Kilobytes or 1 Megabyte, and 1800 to 2800 Mega Hertz of frequency. The architectural specifications incorporated by Athlon 64 processor’s K8 architecture is AMD64 technology with the feature of enhanced virus protection. Instruction sets supported are SSE2 and to an extent SSE3 too.

SSE3 set of instructions were appended in Athlon 64 processors having core revision. There is an integrated memory controller in Athlon 64 processors in order to maintain an interfacing between memory and peripheral devices. Front Side bus, which is used for passage of data between processor and North Bridge, is replaced in these processors by a Hyper Transport Link. Having incorporated with new things like integrated memory controller and Hyper Transport Link, the processor improved steadily as HTL to provide low latency and high bandwidth between the different links. Its improvement took a new face when introduction of new package occurred with socket types e.g. the processors including single channel DDR SDRAM memory controller and a 800 Mega Hertz HTL, this package was referred as Socket 754 processors/754-pin package.

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