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Abstract: questions relating to alcoholism are being answered; what is alcoholism? How does a person become addicted to alcohol? What are the side effects?

What is the disease of alcoholism? How does a person become addicted to alcohol? What are considered to be the side effects of alcohol on the alcoholic as well as his family? How can the disease of alcoholism be diagnosed? Does a cure exist for alcoholism? Is there any treatment? What exactly is alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a disease which is defined as becoming dependant on alcohol; it is also known as becoming addicted to alcohol. The disease of alcoholism is extremely chronic considered to be fatal if the dependency on alcohol reaches a height. Alcoholism was declared as being a disease in 1966 by the AMA (American Medical Association) however it is one which people still judge according to their morals and values (Father Martin). There exist two kinds of alcoholics today; one is the daily drinker who drinks alcoholic beverages on a daily basis and thus has a high dependency on alcohol. The second kind of alcoholic is the weekend alcoholic who drinks alcohol only on the weekends and this drinking is usually done excessively. The third type of alcohol drinker is defined as the binge drinker. This type of a drinker drinks alcoholic beverages to a great extent and in great amounts on particular occasions. Binge drinking is considered to be the worst kind of drinking and amongst the most dangerous form of alcoholism due to the drinker having a high possibility of dying due to alcohol poisoning.

How does a person become an alcoholic? People who do become alcoholics do not really know how they become one. Some give the reasoning of it being genetic whereas some say that due to the stress gene present in their body and due to becoming activated, they begin to drink. Sometimes psychological as well as social stress can lead to the development of a person becoming an alcoholic. Some people also believe that it could develop due to a maladaptive coping behavior being learnt. There are various studies which have proven that alcoholism is something which can be genetic. If this disease is genetic, it would be an indirect disease and hence it would be in connection to the stress gene. This refers to stress being the trigger which would cause a person to start drinking. Alcohol is…

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