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President Obama promised the American citizens an affordable health care system. His government has promised to start a government-sponsored health insurance program that would benefit all Americans. A wealthy society such as American has a moral obligation to meet the basic needs of all of its members. The commercialization of medicine leads to the abandonment of certain qualities and ideals that are necessary to a moral community. People should have a sense of compassion and charity towards those that have had fewer chances to succeed.

Many in our society have marked the poor class as unwanted and worthless. Why spend money on someone if they do not help you out in some way? People who think this way obviously do not think of these people as of human beings who also have feelings, wants, and needs. When people need medical treatment to save their life, it should not be important who they are. It is definite that health care is a fundamental human right because, if people are created equally, why should certain people get treated differently on the medical bases? Besides, most physicians in the United States are trained at public institutions through public subsidies and this should be an issue considered when discussing about health care reform. Because most of physician received their education at public institutions, they owe help to the citizens who subsidized their training expenses.

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