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Psychological distress could cause major medical problems in a social setting. The distress could prevail within an institution such as family. The field of psychology is vast and therefore it suggests the mobility and help for the distressed social setting. The process of mobility and counseling in order to bring pursuit of change is called advocacy. The application of advocacy in psychology is the major action to bring about beneficial changes. Through advocacy the process of rehabilitation could be achieved through raising funds in terms of bad socio-economic circumstances.

For this paper the family which has been considered for the purpose of advocacy is Smiths. Father is unemployed and is drinking excessively and mother is depressed. The children are also suffering through psychological dilemmas. The elder son of the family has been arrested for the grand theft auto. The daughter is failing to achieve grades in all subjects whereas the younger son is subjected as hyperactive by the school officials.

On the basis of study the history of the client we can suggest the following formal services and supports:

  • There are many ways through which the depression could be overcome easily. In psychology the treatment of depression is done through Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and interpersonal therapy (IT). These are two most effective therapies through which the depressed person can be treated well. As evident from the history of the family the mother is depressed due to the family problems and children and fathers unemployment and excessive drinking are two signs of strong depression. Moreover weekly counseling is required to keep a track of the path of the family  (Proudfoot, Gray, & Carson, 1999).

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