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A short and concise advertising can be a viable strategy for the organization and in the case of blue ribbon groceries the advertising design is kept very simple and concise (White). The initial “RBG” are used extensively in the website and on all the mediums these words are quite evident. These words clearly depict the essence of the brand. Similarly, blue colour is extensively used because this phenomenon matches with the brand name. The low cost element will be highlighted in nearly all the advertising campaigns. Vibrant colours and different images related to grocery items are used in the advertising design. Similarly, an attractive shopping cart is designed which would allow the users to pick the items of their choice.

5.2.2 Consumer Promotions

There are different approaches of consumer promotions and many of them are implemented in the food industry (Pricken). Blue ribbon grocery can implement the sampling technique and for the first delivery they can offer no delivery charges and this can enhance their sales. Similarly, they the organization can engage itself in co branding activities and would market those products that are sponsored by different companies. Furthermore, they offering free items and gifts to new customers can also affect the customer base in the long run and customers would definitely attract from this approach. Similarly, certain non-standardize options can also be used by blue ribbon groceries these non- standardize options would include mobile branding activities and unusual appearances by the marketers.

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