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Advertising is considered as the promotional medium that is used by different organizations to convey their promotional message. Advertising is based on a simple scenario that a message is conveyed through different mediums and this promotional or informative message is targeted to a certain audience (Belch and Belch 2006). Then it actually results in changing the attitude of the target market towards a particular brand and finally consumers might opt for a certain product or they leave that product. There are different models that are used in advertising and some of these models are discussed below:

Foot-Cone Belding Model:  The Foot-Cone model is basically built on the traditional responses and it is closely related with the hierarchy of effects model and it deals with the high and low involvement of the product which is related to the right/left brain theories. This model is based on the four advertising strategies informative, affective, and habitual and satisfaction (Goldschmidt, Junghagen and Harris 2004).The foot-Cone Belding model plays an important role in maintaining strong brands and if this model is properly implemented then they can easily change the attitudes of the consumer (Clifton & Simmons  2009). The entire model is divided in a grid and it has four parts this grid is given below:

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